For Robot Owners, Coaches/ Students training with multiball, saves you time, energy and your back.

  • Quickly and easily retrieve ping pong balls with the Mypingpongbuddy ball collector.  If you have a robot or if you do multi-ball training, then this is one table tennis accessory you cannot do without.
  • You will save lots of time and energy, while at the same time, help avoid painful back injury from manually picking up dozens of balls.
  • This ball picker upper can capture balls on top of (gently) or under tables and chairs.  It can capture more than one ball at a time, even while moving across the floor and will hold up to 100 balls.
  • With its patented design of net on top, it keeps the net from dragging across the floor thereby reducing dust collected on the balls and avoiding tearing of the net. With the long adjustable  handle, you can reach and retrieve balls farther than any other picker upper on the market today.  To avoid balls being stepped on during multi ball or robot training use it to safely retrieve the balls around your players feet. You can easily collect ping pong balls from under tables and chairs.   
  • Emptying the device is very simple and done with one hand by turning the picker upper over a bucket, or into the robot tray and let the balls to fall freely.
  • For several years, the table tennis ball picker upper market was dominated by only two types of devices; the tube and the scooper.   Mypingpongbuddy appeared to join this market in late 2010. With a unique design of net on top and other useful features, it quickly became the favorite.   This strange looking picker upper made of a bent badminton racket with a mesh netting used in grocery stores was the brainchild of a passionate long time table tennis player who got tired picking balls. His first prototype was  tested successfully at Olympic TTC  (now Nevada Table Tennis) in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is protected by Patent  US 8,534,726 B2  granted on September 17,2013.
  • Mypingpongbuddy is home-made in the USA by hand, using selected materials that have been tested to last for a long time. Although advertisement is only through word of mouth, its popularity has reached beyond the boundaries of the USA and many repeat customers come from Canada, Australia and Europe.
  • It comes with spare strings which you may never need, but it is included anyway.
  • Buy it now and you will be glad you did. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, simply send it back within 90 days and you will get your money back. We guarantee this.